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Plastic components for the highest of demands.

As a partner to the automotive industry of many decades, we develop and realise solutions that combine aesthetics with function. Our products range from classic components for interiors through to large assemblies for exteriors as well as visually sophisticated designer components. We are always pursuing the aim of implementing perfect solutions that are efficient and enduring.

„We combine the product skills of design, function and lightweight construction.“

Interior systems.

The demands that automotive manufacturers make on the interiors of their vehicles are continuously increasing. Our customers put their confidence in our product skills, particularly when expertise is required in the fields of designer elements, functional integration and decorative finishes.

Müller Wallau is an expert for such top-class components for interiors as:

Instrument panels, central consoles, door panels, glove boxes, pillars, trim inserts, seat covers, Leather and soft-surface solutions

Exterior systems.

Our customers‘ products for exteriors are used in numerous vehicle models across the world. In this regard, we focus on plastics-based products that possess first-rate properties and offer sophisticated geometries.

Müller Wallau is a specialist for such high-quality components for exteriors as:

Diffusers, front grills, spoilers, rocker panels, chrome trims, door frames.

Class A components.

Innovative plastic components with high-quality finishes are responsible for creating an individual style, particularly in modern vehicles. Class-A components are associated with a whole range of technical benefits. Depending on the component, these include, among other things: high-quality finishes, innovative functional integration, no finishing processes and greater luminous efficiency.

We are specialists for:

Radiator grille panels, cover screens, 1K and 2K trim strips.

Our product expertise at a glance:

  • Experience: We already support automotive manufacturers during the process of product creation and have been doing so for more than 50 years.
  • Product range: Our product expertise is reflected across the entire vehicle.
  • Technology supplier: We are continuously developing new solutions in regard to lightweight construction, designer elements and functional integration.
  • Infrastructure: Our technology infrastructure allows us to realise projects in a functional and effective manner.

Need more information about our skill sets? Just give us a call: +49-6461-809-0 or email us: info@mueller-wallau.de.

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