From design draft
to series production.

From development to project support from our own toolmaking to plastics technology: Müller Wallau is a strategic partner for high-precision tools and more. We take on a wide variety of tasks related to the product. No matter what the project requirements are, our endeavor is to ensure our customers’ innovative strength and technological leadership with the greatest toolmaking expertise.


State-of-the-art machining technologies.

In our state-of-the-art production, 130 employees specially trained for toolmaking work on the implementation of the latest technologies. Our customers benefit from over 50 machining centers and an almost unlimited manufacturing spectrum.

Milling machines

  • 25 toolmaking-specific large machining centres.
  • 15 partly fully automated HSC precision centres.

Spark eroding

  • 4 Eagle Gantry EDM machines for precise and complex EDM surfaces.

Drilling machines

  • 7 high performance boring mills for heavy machining.
  • 3 deep hole drilling machines for cooling channels up to 2500mm.

Tool shop

Decades of expertise.

Our tool shop has been known for its innovative strength for many decades. With an outstanding mix of experienced toolmakers and well-trained young talent, we play a key role in ensuring that our customers are technology leaders in the field of interior and exterior components.

Injection Molds
up to 50 tons

Due to our very extensive product range, our mold mechanics have a very high level of experience in handling complex injection molds. Annually, we have more than 160 injection molds in process through new production, service and maintenance.

Plastics Technology

Close to series try-outs.

With three injection molding machines, we offer our customers everything from a single source. They benefit from our state-of-the-art technical center with innovative sampling technology. Using all technologies – from 1K or 2K injection molding to complex back molding technology – we can sample molds including robot automation up to a clamping force of 3000 tons close to series production.

>700 Try-outs / year

  • 3 injection molding machines (850t, 2000t and 3000t)
  • Extensive injection and compression technologies
  • 6-axis robot for automated production
  • Rotary table for 2K-applications
  • Chemical foaming
  • SGI
  • GID
  • Granulate drying systems

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