Our moulds help shape the character of the innovative vehicles in the world.

For almost 100 years, the name of Müller has stood for successful tool- and mould-making and we are proud to be an owner-managed and family-run business that is able to look back on many years of tradition.

The workforce of more than 180 employees is passionate about manufacturing our products, about delivering our services and about our desire to always exceed our customers‘ high expectations. We are able to offer our customers a combination of toolmaking expertise and product competence that is derived from our ability to see the development of innovative plastic components and the implementation of production processes as a whole.

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Our core business includes all services to do with the tools required for the technical application of plastics. Our customers place their confidence in our expertise particularly when design, lightweight construction and functionality are required for plastic components.


Innovation and expertise for high end products.

Key Facts

  • Design & Development (20 CAD working stations)
  • Inhouse manufacturing (50 machining centres)
  • Try Out (3 injection moulding machines, up to 3000t)
  • Mould weight up to 55 tons
  • More than 120 moulds per year

Injection moulds for tailor-made solutions.

Our customers put their confidence in our product skills, particularly when expertise is required in the fields of high quality design elements, functional integration and decorative finishes.

Specialist for exterior parts:

Diffusers, radiator grilles, chrome trims, spoilers, fenders, tailgates, front ends, headlamp housings, outer roofs, window frames

Specialist for interior parts:

Doors, instrument panels, centre consoles, a/b/c/d pillars, chrome parts, seat trims


  • single cavity moulds
  • stack moulds
  • multi component injections moulds
  • hybrid technologies
  • internal gas pressure
  • back injection moulding
  • injection compression moulding



Passion for technic

With more than 50 machining centres adapted specifically to meet the needs of toolmaking and more than 60 specialist toolmakers, we are able to realise highly demanding finishes and complex geometries with the help of widely differing technologies. Our production systems are based on high technological standards and use very advanced control technologies, which enables us to optimies production processes.

As a full-service provider, we aim to implement all processes by drawing on our own expertise. We are able to utilise plastics technologies that are specific to toolmaking. It is in this way that we are able to realise series-proximate samples and create an ideal environment in which it is possible to develop processes and plastic components.


MÜLLER WALLAU worldwide.

We are experts for injection-moulding tools and our customers‘ products shape many vehicle models around the world. We deliver our tools to leading automotive manufacturers and suppliers across the globe and in this way make a significant contribution to an automotive future that is characterised by great innovation.

Quality and sustainability

The production of the greatest possible quality and realisation of first-rate products is very important to us. Long-term partnerships with our customers and continuous quality checks constitute significant factors in the company’s success.