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Our drive is for an idea of tomorrow’s toolmaking that shows character with its people and technological equipment. At MÜLLER WALLAU, we think and work in terms of generations. Consistent investments take us decisively forward and continuously set new standards in our industry.

18 Designers

100 employees in toolmaking

25 CNC machining centers

10 boring mills

4 Gantry erosion machines

4 spotting presses

3 Injection molding machines

Construction &


Each product has its own requirements. Our aspiration as a family business is to drive sustainable technologies and processes within our own company. With this self-image, we continuously shape the character of our tools.

Our virtually unlimited range of tooling technologies enables

Injection stamping tools

3 Injection molding machines

In-house production

From the first chip

It is not uncommon for our tools to have more than 1000 components. Quality is a process. For us, designing the moldmaking of tomorrow means in-house production from the very first chip. To this end, we combine all our know-how and experience in design, manufacturing and service. Tailor-made solutions are created from these competencies.

We think in the


MÜLLER WALLAU can manufacture – always has. This is in the DNA of our company. From the first chip to the customized design surface: digitally networked, automated, sustainable.


in detail

No two of our components are the same, reflecting the full product diversity of our customers. This is what gives our tool shop its character.

Plastics Technology

Sampling & Development

With three injection molding machines, we offer our customers everything from a single source. Using all technologies – from 1K or 2K injection molding to complex back molding technology – we can sample molds including robot automation up to a clamping force of 3000 tons close to series production.

3 injection molding machines (850t, 2000t, 3000t)

1K and 2K injection molding

Injection stamping

Chemical foaming

Internal gas pressure

Precision opening

Internal gas pressure

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